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“Best womens face hair remover ever!” “Wish I bought this years ago!!” “The best alternative tools for waxing and razors” “This doesn’t hurt at all!” “Definitely high quality” “Highly recommended!”


QUESTION: Is it like waxing or shaving products?
ANSWER: It’s 100X better! Wax and shave cream are highly consumable, once you rely on them, they will feed on your wallet for a lifetime! they may not look so expensive for 1 purchase, but for years? They will easily cost you $$$$. Occila Ora Hair Removal Wand costs you no more than itself at a very low price $, and it will be your investment to a permanent solution!

QUESTION: Does this remover work on course chin hair?
ANSWER: Absolutely yes! Our remover will take care lady, upper, lip, mustache, chic, jawline, Peach Fuzz, fine finish for neck, arm, underarm, hands, fingers, arm, underarm even leg and bikini line for ladies

QUESTION: Will this make my skin dry or give me redness?
ANSWER: Absolutely no! Our hair remover doesn’t touch your skin directly with a unique safety net, so your skin is 100% protected!

QUESTION: Are there any other unique things about this product?
ANSWER: Absolutely yes! Our remover is IPX 6 grade waterproof, so it’s fully washable, you can take it to shower! And it has a built-in LED light like a small flash, so you can shave accurately even in dark.

QUESTION: Does it come with a money back guarantee in case I don’t like it?
ANSWER: Absolutely yes! You risk absolutely nothing! Our woman hair removal beauty devices are backed by an unconditional manufacture 30 days 100% money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty!

Your search for “the ONE” hair remover is finally over!

We have only limited supply of this best selling Hair Removal Wand. Grab yours today from exclusively.

TRUSTED! Because our finishing hair remove shaver is Makeup worry-free and skin friendly, so It keeps your skin smooth and make-up flawlessly, this is great because even if you spot any facal hair after applying makeups, it will still clean you up while keeps your skin smooth and makeup perfectly
FAST RESULTS! Our gold facials hair removers rotates 4200 time per minutes, so it’ll flawlwss remove your hair instantly, which means this single tool will give you a deep, painless, almost laser level of shaving experience even if you are in a rush, this will save you tons of time and efforts!
MINI! Looking for a womans lipstick size hair removing trimmer device to brings to a trip? Our’s is in a special portable size, so it’s perfect for travel, it goes wherever you go, this is great because you’ll be able to remove unwanted hairs before anyone sees them anytime anywhere
BREAKTHROUGH! Because our personal women’s hair remover has 4000 minutes useful lifespan, you’ll be able to use it for years to come without breaking it, it means this will be the last female facial hair removal solution you’ll ever need to buy. This electronic requires 1*AA battery (Battery Not Included)


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