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Combining ceramides for all products, it keeps moisture firmly. ・The container became easier to use. The price as it is, the capacity is up. ・Lineup changed to 3 SKU as Lotion, Cream, Eye cream. Even if we use plenty of toner, it will dry immediately because the power to retain moisture is decreasing. The dry and tight skin is sensitive, it also leads to skin troubles such as loose, open pores, and dullness . “SUKOYAKA SUHADA Urea Moisture Lotion” has amazing power of moisture! Combined urea and ceramide, the moist feeling lasted for a long time. ・Urea: A natural moisturizing ingredient present in the body. Collect moisture on dry skin. ・Ceramide: It is a barrier in the horny layer and keep the moisture from escaping, also protects sensitive skin from external irritation. Even though the texture looks like water, but it keeps the skin soft and moist for a long time as if your finger sticks to it! · No colorant, no fragrance, no mineral oil, no paraben, 6 types of plant extract combined. ◆How to use:After washing the face, please take an appropriate amount in a clean hand, then apply it thoroughly on your skin.


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