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This ultra-moisturizing revitalizing toner and emulsion with the vital energy of wild Korean herbs sits close to skin like a protective moisture barrier.

Keep your skin moisturized and healthy all day long with the Yehwadam Revitalizing Special Set. With the use of ceramide the set gradually moisturizes your skin over a long period of time while protecting your skin to keep it smooth.
New 2019 anti-wrinkle products were also added to the Yehwadam Revitalizing Line. They specialize in revitalizing and protecting skin with its micro drop essencce formula.
This set has a similar structure as your skin, which allows the product to gently absorb into the skin without any sticky residue, leaving only the relaxing korean herbal and floral scent.
Anyone who is curious about anti-aging skincare should pick this set up! Our products use korean ginseng which re-energizes skin, safflower to improve your complexion and skin tone, and goji berries that reduces skin cell aging.


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